wow okay so who wants to help me with my game console purchasing decisions and stuff

right okay so because i have mostly done with my room and don’t have to spend huge amounts of money on it anymore i was fully intending getting a ps3 within a month or something because while we already have one, its my brothers and in his room so with him being around the house for the next few months, i am not going to have many opportunities to use it because he gets dibs basically. also i found out skyrim legendary edition was out and oh god i need to play with the dlc okay.

buuuut this past week has made me really want a 3ds because gosh look at all these fantastic games. also its a bit cheaper than ps3 so idk whether to get a 3ds first?

especially because if a get a ps3 i am probably going to have to replace my tv because its dying anyway and its kinda too small to be playing games on. so whoo more money to spend.

but i guess i am happy to wait for a 3ds and just get one before we go on holiday to france because wahey new video games while i’m away. and then i’ll probably get my brother one because his ds died ages ago and has needed a replacement anyway so hey why not treat him to a 3ds its not like i spend enough money on him already (yes i do).

just aaaaahh i am so indecisive and don’t know what to do. especially as if i want to get both sorted before we go on holiday then i’m gonna have to just not buy much else? i mean i guess i don’t i have the money, i just like to have a certain amount saved and would hate to drop below that amount because video games.

huffs does anyone have any input at all what would you do please help i am bad at buying things that are over £10.

  1. freakingdork said: 3ds, def. plus you could buy a used one? and have extra saved for the eventual ps3 (or whatever else you want/need).
  2. emotionalfriend said: i would say go for the 3ds since overall, it would be a hell of a lot cheaper.
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